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How do the stars keep their skin looking great?

A July excerpt from The Skiny on Skin newsletter :  "Jennifer Aniston has admitted that she’s obsessed with skin products and clinical treatments.  The 44-year-old actress has said in interviews that she frequently does chemical peels and laser facials to treat the sun spots she developed after years of sun bathing. A photofacial is one such treatment that clear-faced starlets swear by."  - See more at: http://theskiny.com/ipl-photofacials/#sthash.iIVfgCNG.dpuf

Help for Sun Damaged Skin

In the Fall 2014 issue of Canadian Health & Lifestyle magazine, Dr. Diane Wong, MD, a Cosmetic Physician, recommends IPL treatments to readers wanting help dealing with sun damage.

"For more significant sun damage, redness, or blotchiness, or for fine lines and wrinkles, try IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). It addresses all these issues and delivers glowing skin after several treatments.  Here's how it works: The treated pigment in your skin turns darker and sloughs off without any scarring or pain in seven to 10 days.  Redness from dilated small vessels on the face gradually fade as the vessels shrink, while lines and wrinkles gradually diminish."

Actress Sharon Stone invests in her skin!

In an interview in the March 2014 issue of Shape Magazine, Sharon Stone, 56,  discusses her career, health and how she stays looking great without going under the knife.  When asked: "Short of surgery, are there any anti-aging procedures that you are willing to try?", Sharon replied:  "I fully believe in getting treatments like intense pulsed light therapy - which removes sun damage.  It's healthy, non-invasive, and it  rejuvenates the collagen in your skin.  These kinds of things are fantastic advances in science."  

Well said Sharon!  

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