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Get the best value for your skin care dollar!

Don’t wait for a sale, sign up now for a membership at Pretty In Skin Laser Studio and save all year long!  Most women don't take enough time for themselves to relax, rejuvenate and simply enjoy life.  We also often leave ourselves at the bottom of the list when it comes time for self-care.  We'd like to help women create the habit of taking regular "Me Time" so we created a program that will help you save money while you pamper yourself!

It's only $30 + GST to join – unlike other spa membership programs that typically have a monthly fee of $65-$90+ per month and a 6-24 month commitment, we offer an annual program at Pretty In Skin.  Simply pay for your membership and receive the following rewards, valid for 12 months from the date of purchase:

  • Receive a free Cara Skin Care travel kit, a $39 value, with your membership
  • 20% off all facials (including tween facials for your children)
  • 20% off microdermabrasion
  • 20% off IPL skin rejuvenation
  • 20% off all laser hair removal
  • 15% off all skin care products
  • Specialized skin care advice and product recommendations to suit your skin type.
  • Special extra deals for club members will be offered throughout the year.   

For more details or to sign up, contact:

Pretty In Skin Laser Studio directly

by phone at


OR by email at 

Laser Hair Removal

IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Tightening

Acne Treatment



Your Membership Savings Could Look Like This:

  • Your membership pays for itself with the complimentary travel kit alone.  Combine this with the excellent deals you’ll receive for 12 months and this is one of the best spa savings packages out there!  And there’s no monthly commitment with more fees to pay, use your service and product discounts whenever you like, without worrying about losing unused services you've already paid for!
  • Some of our clients would love a facial every 3 months (with the change of seasons).  If you have four Pretty In Skin Spa Facials a year, you save $80 just by being a member!
  • Many skin care professionals recommend a facial once a month because your skin regenerates itself completely every 28 days. If you have twelve Pretty In Skin Spa Facials a year, you save $240 with your membership!
  • Laser Hair Removal on underarms has a recommended treatment interval of once per month for 6-10 months to achieve 95% permanent hair reduction.  With your 20% member discount, you save $22 on each treatment.  On six treatments that’s a savings of $132, on ten treatments, you save $220!
  • Members save $18 on each microdermabrasion treatment.  Enjoy this amazing exfoliation once every 2 months for a year and save $108, or treat yourself once a month for a year and save $216!
  • The recommended protocol for IPL skin rejuvenation is once per month 5 months.  Our members save $40 per treatment, for a total savings of $200 over 5 months!
  • If you’ve been wanting to try laser hair removal on a larger area, this is where the huge savings come in!  Save $80 on every laser hair removal treatment on full legs!  That’s $480 saved on 6 treatments, or $800 on 10 treatments!